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Inspirational Mothers

And, Children who followed in their Mothers’ footsteps15th March is Mothering Sunday, the day when we celebrate the most important woman in our lives – our Mother. The influence a Mother can have on her child is tremendous.We have selected some inspirational mother-children examples featuring women who sparked their children’s desire to follow in their […]

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Sargent at National Portrait Gallery

Ellen Terry as Lady Macbeth One of the major exhibitions happening in London in 2015 is John Singer Sargent at the National Portrait Gallery, Sargent: Portraits of Artists and Friends that is running until 25 May 2015. The exhibition is organized in partnership with the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. The exhibition will […]

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A Brief History Of Chocolate Truffles

We all love chocolate truffles and associate them with special occasions or the simple pleasure of tasting good chocolate. But whose idea was it to introduce such a delightful dessert option? And why is it named after a very rare and precious fungus? What flavours are there? Here is a brief introduction to the chocolate […]

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The History of Wedding Favours

The tradition of giving a small gift to all wedding guest has a long history. A small gift from a newly wed couple was believed to bring good luck. Depending on the country and social class the newly weds would give their guests handcrafted trinkets, a candle and other small tokens of good fortune. In […]

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Royal Recipes with Charbonnel et Walker – BBC ONE – Feb 9th, 2017

Head Chocolatier, Adam Lee discusses our heritage and Royal

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